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You.. black rose in the night.. who cares about you if you cry?
Who look after you if your ill?
Does anyone listens to your will?

You.. black rose in the rain.. does anyone feel your pain?
Should anybody clear your way?
So that you can be freed of those chains.

You.. black rose in the corner.. does somebody ever wonder?
About the pain they put you through?
About they never think they gave enough?

You.. black rose in the sun.. are you withering? Are you over and done?
Do you think you’ve done it all?
‘cause if you want to I’ll break your fall..

You.. black rose in the night.. do you know that you are turning white?
Do you know you know you are turning red?
And for my believe.. your turning dead.




so.. i'm mathijs.. but that name suck in english so call me matt or something xD
I live in holland.
i love to draw, to write and to make music. n__n
and ehm.. that was pretty much everything I wanted to say right now, so..
bye 8D

Favourite genre of music: rock, punkrock, hardrock, metal
Favourite style of art: drawing, poetry
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Favourite cartoon character: spongebob squarepants
Personal Quote: live life like there is no tomorrow
dude.. this weekend was awesome 8D
on Saturday I went to texel with zoeff.
and the fun was.. our parents didn't knew about it..
and this operation was called operation sheep.
a little summary:

10:00 I got up, took a quick shower, had breakfast for like the second time in moths, and went to the train station.
11:00 we bought tickets and took off.
01:00 we were at den Helder
01:30 we took the boat to texel and that's were things started to get fun 8D
as soon as we got to the beach we ran to the sea and took a swim 8D
the water was pretty warm for Holland. xD
then we laid on the beach for several hours, we burned a little, but that's almost gone now n__n"

when we wanted some dinner, we found out that we didn't bring a can-opener, and of course, the food was packet in cans xD
so I walked to a beach-tent to ask them if they had one.. fortunately for us.. they did. 8D
so i walked back.
and we tried to light the bbq...
that almost didn't work..
but in the and it did n__n
we had dinner with sorta hot dogs xD
then we watched a beautiful sunset,
and that's when things got cold xD
and that kinda sucked..
but we had our personal source of warmth..
no.. actually it was what was left of the barbecue..
but I burned my hand on the ground where the barbecue stood xD
then.. we kinda fell asleep.. and that was very cold..
we slept like.. 1 our..
and then we stood up..
it was still cold.. but the sun came up..
and then we walked to town.. to drink coffee..
but the stores were closed..
so we had to drink on the boat..
so we did 8D
and then.. we were back home..

(btw.. did anyone of you ever noticed that the return always goes faster then the outward journey?..)
no that wasn't totally useless.. xD
but.. that's everything.. so..
bye.. 8D
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: all these thing's I hate - BFMV
  • Reading: poëms
  • Watching: AMV
  • Playing: with my lighter
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: coffee 8D

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